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found objects, printed surfaces and collage paper in one composition.

Print + Found Objects + Collage = Divine

Using multiple printing techniques in one piece of artwork.
Texture prints framed on green wall

Printing Surfaces - Unexpected delights

Combining lino block and texture prints. A simple and fun project to provide images you couldn't predict.
Crow pint on paper and on a orange box

Fun With Lino Block

Print making with lino block. A way to print on a variety of surfaces.
Cracked Glaze Effect on Tiny  House

Cracked Glaze Effect on Tiny House

Cracked Glaze Effect on Tiny House How to use Crackle Medium and acrylic paints to create the look of a glazed surface.  ...
Lampshade Updo Redo
acrylic paint

Lampshade Updo Redo

A simple updo for an old tired looking lamp shade. This simple project will give your old lamp a brand new contemporary look. We used th...
From Puzzle Pieces to a Masterpiece
alu panels

From Puzzle Pieces to a Masterpiece

Step by step: How to make any puzzle ready-to-hang after you’ve finished building it Puzzles are painstaking, meticulous and often impermanent but they do not have to be...
Acrylic paint design on a pillow
acrylic paint

Painting a fabric pillow.

Tri-Art’s versatile Low Viscosity Acrylic paint performs well for fabric painting projects. It is highly pigmented, thin, flexible and soft to touch when dry. It is also...
Animated Line Objects
acrylic paint

Animated Line Objects

This Article takes you through the steps of creating a unique sculpture using acrylic paint products and found objects.
A decorated plate.
acrylic paint

Decorative Art Plates

This step by step article shows you how to create a beautiful decorative art plate using acrylic products.