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Notes from the Lab

When we make changes however slight to improve our products we will publish our findings and rationale here.

tri-art low viscosity acrylic paints
Acrylic Paint


Tri-Art is proud to introduce 36 new Low Viscosity colours to our profession line of acrylic paint. We are also re-releasing several new and improved original Low Viscosity colours with greatly imp...
Tri-Art masking fluid, natural latex rubber
masking fluid

Notice: Masking Fluid Reformulation

Here at Tri-Art we are always striving to improve our products. When we noticed our Masking Fluid was failing quality control we took to the R&D department to research and resolve the problem. ...
Improvements to our acrylic products

Improvements to our acrylic products

This is an archived post from March, 2014. Tri-Art has recently made significant improvements in the quality and performance of our entire range of acrylic products. After much testing and evaluati...