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Tri-Art Liquids

Acrylic in its purest form. Liquid acrylic paint is smooth and lotion like in consistency. They are free— flowing for layers without uneven sagging. A signature line of 100 smooth and lush colours. Tri-Art’s Liquid Acrylic format is a high performance paint for the professional artist. Made with the highest quality artist pigments and ground to perfection, these are 100% acrylic polymer emulsion paints.

Ideal for smooth layers and glazes, and fine details. Or mix with thick mediums for impasto and textured techniques. Combine with Tri-Art’s Liquid Glass Medium for colour pouring techniques.


Tri-Art Bamboo Panels
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Tri-Art Liquids - Alizarin Crimson (Hue)Tri-Art Liquids - Alizarin Crimson (Hue) (4438791520343)
Tri-Art Liquids - Arylide Yellow Deep (4438791553111)Tri-Art Liquids - Arylide Yellow Deep
Tri-Art Liquids - Arylide Yellow Light (4438791618647)Tri-Art Liquids - Arylide Yellow Light
Tri-Art Liquids - Arylide Yellow Medium (4438791651415)Tri-Art Liquids - Arylide Yellow Medium
Tri-Art Liquids - Bismuth Yellow Deep (4438791684183)Tri-Art Liquids - Bismuth Yellow Deep
Tri-Art Liquids - Bismuth Yellow Light (4438791716951)Tri-Art Liquids - Bismuth Yellow Light
Tri-Art Liquids - Bismuth Yellow Medium (4438791749719)Tri-Art Liquids - Bismuth Yellow Medium
Tri-Art Liquids - Brilliant PurpleTri-Art Liquids - Brilliant Purple (4438791782487)
Tri-Art Liquids - Burnt CrimsonTri-Art Liquids - Burnt Crimson (4438791815255)
Tri-Art Liquids - Burnt SiennaTri-Art Liquids - Burnt Sienna (4438791848023)
Tri-Art Liquids - Burnt UmberTri-Art Liquids - Burnt Umber (4438791880791)
Tri-Art Liquids - Cadmium Red Medium (Hue)Tri-Art Liquids - Cadmium Red Medium (Hue) (4438791913559)
Tri-Art Liquids - Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue)Tri-Art Liquids - Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue) (4438791979095)
Tri-Art Liquids - Carbon BlackTri-Art Liquids - Carbon Black (4438792011863)
Tri-Art Liquids - Cerulean BlueTri-Art Liquids - Cerulean Blue (4438792044631)
Tri-Art Liquids - Cerulean Blue (Hue)Tri-Art Liquids - Cerulean Blue (Hue) (4438792077399)
Tri-Art Liquids - Chrome Oxide GreenTri-Art Liquids - Chrome Oxide Green (4438792110167)
Tri-Art Liquids - Cobalt BlueTri-Art Liquids - Cobalt Blue (4438792142935)
Tri-Art Liquids - Cobalt Blue (Hue)Tri-Art Liquids - Cobalt Blue (Hue) (4438792175703)
Tri-Art Liquids - Cobalt GreenTri-Art Liquids - Cobalt Green (4438792208471)
Tri-Art Liquids - Cobalt TealTri-Art Liquids - Cobalt Teal (4438792241239)
Tri-Art Liquids - Dioxazine VioletTri-Art Liquids - Dioxazine Violet (4438792306775)
Tri-Art Liquids - Golden GreenTri-Art Liquids - Golden Green (4438792339543)
Tri-Art Liquids - Golden OrangeTri-Art Liquids - Golden Orange (4438792372311)
Tri-Art Liquids - Golden Yellow (4438792405079)Tri-Art Liquids - Golden Yellow