Professional Level Paints

High Viscosity

The thickest in viscosity of all our acrylic paint lines. High viscosity offers the largest colour selection.

professional level paints

Liquid Acrylics

Liquid acrylic paint is smooth and lotion like in consistency. They are free— flowing for layers without uneven sagging.

Professional Level Paints

Low Viscosity

The thinnest in consistency of the Finest Quality Acrylic paint lines. Low viscosity is water-like and free‑flowing without bleeding on surfaces.

Professional Level Paints

Acrylic Inks

A very fluid acrylic ink, water resistant when dry. Colours will not bleed nor leave brush stroke impressions.

Professional Level Paints

Acrylic Mediums

Acrylic mediums designed to provide the enterprising artist with the tools needed to create endless possibility of effects, textures and finishes.